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StrongStart newsletter – April 6

As Easter is being celebrated on Sunday, April 12th, we thought put together Easter and Spring activities for you to try at home.

Dyeing eggs

For children use cooled pre- boiled white eggs. Here’s how to prepare those: place eggs in pot, fill with cool water 1 inch above the eggs, and bring to a boil. Boil for 6-7 minutes, then cool the eggs with cold water. Dry off.

Ingredients (for one colour)

1 teaspoon white vinegar
20 drops of food colouring
1/2 cup boiling water

Cover working area with plastic cloth to protect counter or table surface from staining. Mix ingredients in a bowl
place egg into bowl
let sit for 5 minutes turning the egg to have an even coat of colour

Before placing egg in colour water you can:
*have child draw a design on the egg
*wrap egg with elastic bands and remove when egg is out of water and dry
*use several colours of dyed water, (make multiple batches of ingredients above)

Display eggs for up to 1 week at room temperature, or store in fridge.

Eat the eggs if desired.


How to Make DIY Egg Tree

  1. Go on a nature hunt to collect fallen dry branches and large twigs that will fit in a vase or Jar.
  2. Leave branches and twigs natural.
  3. Or, choose the paint colors and paint a design on the branch.
  4. Allow the paint to completely dry.
  5. Place the Easter egg tree branches and twigs in a medium to a large vase or jar
  6. Add sand, pebbles, rocks etc for box filler to weigh jar down.
  7. Decorate your tree with small painted rocks if you like, or hang egg shaped or butterfly or heart shaped coloured paper  and attatch with tape.


Painted Rocks

Materials needed:

  • Rocks
  • Paint brushes
  • Paint in various colors
  • Bowl of water
  • Tablecloth for painting and protect table
  • Apron for children
  • Stickers/glitter

How to do it: first, go on a nature hunt to collect round and oval shaped rocks. Then:

  • Wash each rock with soap.
  • Allow to dry.
  • Draw your design with pencil.
  • Choose you paint colors and paint your rocks.
  • Allow the paint to completely dry.

The  Egg Tree and Painted rocks can be placed on your spring nature table. When you make something meaningful for you and your family and you can’t go wrong.


Song and game to play with your child:

“Sleeping Bunnies”

Have the child lay down pretending to sleep

Sing (any tune) or chant:

“See the little bunnies sleeping ‘til it’s nearly noon
Shall we come and gently wake them with this merry tune
Oh how still, Are they ill
Wake up soon
Hop little bunnies go hop hop hop
Hop little bunnies go hop hop hop
Now Stop!”

Encourage child get up and hop (or movements related to the animal chosen). Then you can
go through different animals encouraging their movements


Go outside!

During this time of social distancing and isolation, it’s now -more than ever – important to go outside, connect with nature for everyone’s well-being and mental health. Even with playgrounds closed families can still enjoy open spaces. RAIN OR SHINE!


There are many natural settings within New Westminster to explore. Here is a list of a few; Queens Park wooded area near the playground, Glenbrook Ravine, Lower Hume Park and Brunette River Trail.

Bring a ball to kick, ribbons and fabric to play with wind or music to dance into open fields, sidewalk chalk. Blowing Bubbles is also popular.



Pick wild daffodils , and place one in a glass of (food coloured )water.  Watch over the week what happens.  Take photos of the flower so you can go over with the changes that have happened.


Go on a Nature Hunt

Anytime is a great time to go on a nature hunt! There are so many amazing finds outside just waiting to be discovered. You may not need to go further than your own backyard, but I encourage you to get out into nature for this activity.

Spring Nature Table

When you are on the nature hunt, collect things to bring home to explore. Find a bin or box to display the found items.

Ask your children simple questions about what they find.  Look closely at the materials.  Notice small details and talk and compare size, shape, colour, texture, count individual and collective groupings. This will encourage them to discover the natural world around them. A Spring Nature Table encourages your children to go outside, explore and develop a connection to nature

These are the building blocks for future learning in language, mathematics and science

Nature Items to Collect:
Pinecones                                                                                                                           Sticks and small branches
Leaves of all kinds
Helicopter (Maple Tree) seeds

Create simple spring arts and crafts to display Add objects from your home and your outdoor time!