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Supporting the democratic process, safely

As you know, we are currently in the advanced voting period for Canada’s 44th general election, with the upcoming election day landing on Tuesday September 20th, 2021.

Elections serve as great opportunities in schools to have conversations with students about government and the responsibility we each have to participate in democracy. At a District level, it’s an important opportunity for us to provide space, as dependable and committed partners with our broader community here in New Westminster.

This year voting stations on election day (September 20th) will be held at:

  • Connaught Heights Elementary
  • Lord Kelvin Elementary
  • Queen Elizabeth Elementary
  • Herbert Spencer Elementary
  • Qayqayt Elementary
  • Glenbrook Middle
  • Fraser River Middle (also hosting advanced polling on September 17-19)
  • The Massey gym, at the old NWSS

NOTE: The school your child attends may be different than the polling station that’s been assigned to you. To find out where your voting station is, please refer to your voter registration card or use the online tool provided by Elections Canada here: 

Our Health and Safety and Facility leads have been working with Elections Canada to ensure that safety remains the top priority for students, staff and our local community. Here are some of the things you can expect:

  • Voters will only be permitted to use exterior entrances that feed directly into the spaces being used.
  • Each site will have clear signage to direct voters to the appropropriate entrances and access points.
  • Students will be directed away from walking routes and the entrances being used by Elections Canada.
  • The public will have no access to any area of the schools where students and staff are.
  • Cleaning schedules have been coordinated, ensuring that all products being used meet the standards required within our schools.
  • The gymnasiums where the elections are being held will have a deep clean after the elections are over and before students ore staff can enter them.

There are also layers of safety measures that will be implemented and enforced by Elections Canada for all those inside of polling stations. That includes required face masks for all those inside polling stations, barrier use, and greater distancing measures than previous federal elections. You can find other, additional measures Elections Canada will be taking, here:

We encourage community members to think about their timing when voting (including  considering taking advantage of advanced voting options), and consider if there are less-busy times to vote. In busy periods, Elections Canada may be restricting the number of people allowed inside the polling station at any one time, so please be prepared to wait outside if asked.

We’re looking forward to participating in this important civic opportunity. Thanks for all you’re doing to continue to keep this community as safe and engaged as possible!