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Thanks as we head into Spring Break

Dear students, parents, caregivers and staff,

It’s hard to believe it has already been a year since students left on the Friday before Spring Break, but were then asked to stay home longer as the first wave of COVID-19 started to really affect our communities. And wow, what a year this has been.

It hasn’t been easy – and I say that both as a Superintendent, but also as a dad with three of my own kids in school right now. That said, it’s also been a powerful lesson in what’s possible, when people come together.

I am so grateful for all the staff who have rallied and continue to make sure students are getting access to all of the vital supports and growth opportunities our schools offer. I’m thankful to see parents and families working hard to follow guidelines, doing their part to keep our schools as safe as possible. And I’m proud to see how our students are continuing to grow – the creativity that has shone, the engagement they are showing in their learning, and the overall resilience we’ve seen as they navigate this altered year.

This is also an opportune time to share a few resources you might find helpful:

Now, as we head into Spring Break in this unusual year, a reminder to families that it’s important that the travel or other plans you may have respects the guidelines in place. We know you’re working hard to do your part. Thank you. We continue to appreciate that as we look forward to what should be a strong finish to the school year.

May the break offer you opportunities to rest, so that we can all return on March 29th feeling a bit more refreshed,
Karim Hachlaf
Superintendent of Schools / CEO


PDF: Superintendent Spring Break thank you