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Travel and fuel restrictions

Updated Dec 1, 2021: Fuel and travel restrictions have been extended until December 14th, as per provincial orders. Events and travel will continue to be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and we continue to encourage everyone to do their part (carpooling, alternate travel options, etc.). 


November 22, 2021 – On Friday, the Province of British Columbia implemented two temporary emergency response orders, in response to recent flooding and the subsequent mudslides and infrastructure damage that occurred. The goal of the orders is to reduce travel in key areas, as a way prioritize fuel use and access for essential vehicles. These orders will be in place through the end of this month.

On Sunday the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Transportation followed up the orders to provide all districts and schools more information, including providing clarity that educational staff are deemed essential service workers, so we can ensure that schools can safely continue to operate through this time.

A note for staff on fuel restrictions, as per Ministry direction: school buses and school district fleet vehicles are exempt from the 30L gas restriction, while staff driving their personal vehicles are not. All staff are encouraged to carpool or use transit where feasible.

The good news here is: our schools remain open for in-person instruction. But, under these new public orders, we will look to reduce fuel usage and travel where we can.  

In order to do our part to eliminate non-essential travel and reduce consumption for the duration of the orders, here is what we will be doing:

  • Principals and Vice-Principals will be reviewing all in-person events taking place over this period (athletics, field trips, PAC meetings, etc) to determine if some of them can be postponed, shifted into a virtual format or use alternate transportation.
  • We’re encouraging all members of our community to consider where carpooling, transit, or other active travel options (bikes, walking, etc) can be used to in place of driving.
  • Non-school based staff will be provided the option to work from home, where possible.
  • We will be cancelling or postponing in-person meetings or site visits that are not immediately required, or holding meetings virtually.

Right now, it is vital that emergency services and those who are dependant on travel can safely do so. We thank all of you for doing what you can to support these important restrictions.

With kind regards,
Karim Hachlaf
Superintendent of Schools / CEO


PDF: Superintendent letter on fuel and travel restrictions