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Tuesday half-day at New Westminster Schools

As committed, I wanted to follow up and provide you all with an idea of what to expect tomorrow (following the announcement of closing schools for instruction today, due to the extreme heat we’re navigating).

On Tuesday June 29th New Westminster Schools will be open for a half-day of teacher and staff-led instruction and activities, in the morning. You will soon receive information from your Principal with exact details and times for your individual school.

As we carefully reviewed the options, our goal was to provide students, teachers, staff and families the opportunity to hold and honour year-end activities and celebrations, while ensuring the health and safety of students and staff remains our top priority. Even with temperatures expected to recede a bit tomorrow, when we layered in the consideration of COVID health and safety requirements this year, and the need to avoid the mid-afternoon heat, it was just too challenging to navigate across all our sites for a full day.

Again we recognize this might prove challenging for some families, and will be very welcomed by others. But, as we have throughout this unprecedented year, we thank all of you for the understanding and adaptability you’ve shown and shared.

With warm wishes, in hopes you’re achieving some cool moments today,
Karim Hachlaf
Superintendent of Schools