Update on Twitter allegations: Board requesting Trustee Beattie resign

Trustee Beattie has advised me that she is taking a medical leave from her role as Trustee, which is provided under the School Act.

The Board met today to discuss her conduct and the appropriate next steps. The Board is requesting Trustee Beattie resign her position immediately.

The Board is deeply disturbed by the conduct and the harm this has caused to individuals in our community and to public confidence in our District. This conduct is absolutely unacceptable for someone in public office and runs contrary to the District’s foundational values: collaboration, engagement, inclusion, innovation and integrity.

We hold each other responsible for maintaining the highest standard of ethical conduct. The Board is committed to rebuilding the trust of our community, as we continue to engage in the vital work of supporting students, staff and families.

Maya Russell
Chair, Board of Education, on behalf of the Board


PDF: Board statement updating Twitter allegations, requesting Trustee Beattie resign