Health Risks and Harmful Effects of Vaping…

Our district and other school districts in BC and across Canada are seeing an increase in e-cigarette use, also known as vaping.

Health Canada has taken a number of steps in recent months to address the rise of vaping in Canada and, in particular, the risk that it poses to youth.


Nov. 13, 2019 News Update: BC to announce new rules to curb youth vaping as public health concerns increase


As we learn more about the potential harmful effects of vaping, we are increasingly concerned about recent reported cases of serious, sometimes life threatening, respiratory illness linked to vaping in the US and Canada.

The heated liquid solution used in these devices produces an aerosol that consists of fine particles that may contain nicotine or other harmful chemicals and there is growing evidence that indicates vaping products are dangerous, particularly to young people and children.

See: Superintendent’s Letter to Parents on the Health Risks of Vaping.

Our primary concern is student health and safety. New Westminster Schools promotes healthy learning and working environments for students and staff (See Administrative Procedure 162).  The possession or use of a vaping device is prohibited on school property, including playing fields and parking lots, and at school events.

To increase education and awareness of the risks of vaping and substance use, New Westminster Schools is providing trustworthy resources for parents where you can find material that will help you to talk with your child(ren) about the harmful effects of vaping.

Resources are also provided to your child(ren) at school where students can also seek support from Drug and Alcohol Prevention workers in their school.

Resources on Vaping

How to Quit Vaping: A new resource from QuitNow BC:

November, 2019: QuitNow’s Quit Coaches are available to provide help if you are struggling or wish to quit vaping nicotine products.

Call: Free one-on-one advice and guidance. Whether you’re looking to quit, or learn more about your health, Quit Coaches are available to help.

Live chat: Do you have a quick question about quitting? Live Chat connects you with a Quit Coach for all the answers.

News Update November 2019:

The provincial government is announcing wide-ranging regulations on vaping products in B.C. Nov. 14, 2019 to help deal with skyrocketing youth vaping.  It is expected to be the most substantive plan in Canada thus far. The announcement will be made by not one, but three cabinet ministers: Health Minister Adrian Dix, Education Minister Rob Fleming and Finance Minister Carole James in Victoria.  In previous correspondence with the CBC weeks ago,  Health Ministry spokesman Jean-Marc Prevost said “B.C. will be taking action — the first of its kind in Canada.”  Learn more here.

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