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Welcome home New West

We wish we could invited you in … to wander the bright new hallways and explore the amazing new learning spaces. We wish you could feel that sense of “wow” as you step into the Grand Commons for the first time. And we’re sorry we couldn’t host our whole community in a big, momentus celebratory opening event, yet.

We will do all that at some point. But we’ll have to wait until it’s a little safer.

Instead, we made this video:

  • To document the historic move from the 70 year old building to this bright, new and modern one.
  • To capture the first reactions of a small group of students as they were given a sneak peak and tour … to help give you a sense of what it feels like inside.
  • And to share reflections from staff who are so proud and excited for all the opportunity this beautiful new space provides the whole community.

So until we can open our doors a little wider, we welcome you to share in the excitement with this glimpse into our new home at New Westminster Secondary School…

Want to know a bit more about the building?

Here are some of our favourite “fun facts” about the new NWSS:

  • Our team estimated that it took around 3000 people to move from creative ideation to doors open: from architects and engineers, to concrete experts and project managers, on to drywall finishers and landscapers … some worked for years, others delivered their expertise for shorter spans. But it took a whole community of people to make this possible.
  • This building has been built to a Leed Gold Standard … with cutting edge environmental features like energy efficient boilers, exterior glazing on all the outside glass and shutters to control the heat, energy efficient HVAC systems, water conservation strategies, use of natural light and LED options, and so much more.
  • The theatre stage is the same size as the Massey Theatre stage … making it possible to seamlessly practice and block on one, and perform on the other!