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Welcome to “Our Learning Journey”

Our first-ever Strategic Plan: Inspired Learning for the next five years!
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Our Four Directions for the next five years…

At New Westminster Schools, we are proud to be launching our first-ever strategic plan for the next five years of inspired learning.

Our brand new roadmap is fully grounded in the collective wisdom of you: our students, staff, parents and community.

In “Our Learning Journey” for 2019-2024, you will discover our commitment to:


  • Transform the student experience
  • Build meaningful relationships
  • Ensure full participation in learning, and
  • Lead into the future


We asked…and you answered!

These four key directions – and the actions we will take to make them happen – are guided by you and rooted in British Columbia’s Policy for Student Success.

For the first time in our history, we’ve incorporated exciting and robust consultations with students, staff, parents and the community – through a ground-breaking, interactive online forum; as well as a month of guided and deeply felt community dialogue sessions.

We also gained insights from more than 100 interviews conducted by an engagement team of parents, administrators, district staff, teachers, trustees, and students.


Thanks to so many shared voices…we are motivated and inspired to be the model we want the world to be: open to change, willing to take risks, and guided by a clear, focused, and meaningful plan of action.


Let us introduce you to our foundation, our identity, our strategic priorities, and our plan. Welcome to Our Learning Journey for 2019-2024!