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Statement on Administrative Procedure 520 and school-raised funds

The District understands discussions about the review of Administrative Procedure 520 and the transfer of funds from the New Westminster Secondary School musical theatre department have generated a lot of interest and concerns amongst parents and groups in our district. After acknowledging the input we’ve received and upon closer reflection, the District will restore the NWSS musical theatre department’s funds in full ($18,400) instead of the previously stated sum of $14,400.

We appreciate the passion shown by our community. We also wish to take this opportunity to dispel some of the misinformation and misconceptions surrounding these issues:


On the NWSS funds transfer

  • Funds raised by schools for specific purposes will NOT be – and were never – used to cover school operational costs or other expenses unrelated to the purposes for which the monies were intended.
  • The amounts were NOT transferred to the school’s general operating budget. This also applies to – and has always applied to – money raised by the New Westminster Secondary School’s musical theatre department.
  • The district is currently working with NWSS school staff on a budget plan for the musical theatre department’s funds. Parents with students in the department will have opportunities to share their thoughts and provide input – as was always intended – once the initial plan is fully drafted.


On Administrative Procedure 520

  • We recognize fundraising is a big part of augmenting departmental programs but we must also make sure the procedures governing school fundraising and financial management are transparent.
  • The Board supports and has directed staff to review Administrative Procedure 520 to provide greater clarity into the processes and to revise elements that hinder its effective and efficient application.
  • The review for AP520 is still under consultation and the process is on-going.
  • We understand the need for a higher carryover limit for some unique programs and will include this in the updated AP520.
  • District staff are aware there’s a desire in the community for more consultation. To that end, staff are inviting PACs, DPAC, and parents involved in NWSS’s musical theatre department and other fundraising/supported programs or clubs to participate in the review.
  • The Board looks forward to learning how community feedback will impact the revised administrative procedure.