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Summer Learning options 2022

We are excited to offer a variety of summer learning opportunities.

Throughout the summer months, we have a number of options for learners of many ages.  So whether you’re looking for a bit more support for your child who has struggled through this past year or for a way you can continue to add to your own learning, take a look at the offerings below.

Summer Learning through summer school programs
(for students enrolled in middle and secondary school)

Our Summer School programming will be held at New Westminster Secondary School and includes options for tweens, teens and adults. Classes will return to face-to-face learning options this year, and will be run under the recommended safety protocols determined by provincial health authorities at that time.

Middle & Secondary Students

Want to strengthen your child’s grade 7-9 literacy or numeracy basics, and give them a stronger start heading into next year? Looking spark your teen’s imagination with some creative writing support? Or maybe want to see what kind of crazy science experiments can be cooked up both at home and in the lab?

For course offerings to support middle and secondary students, check out this year’s course offerings and registration process here:

Registration for the 2022 year will open to students enrolled in New Westminster Schools on Monday April 11th, and can be coordinated by your school counsellor. Out-of-district students can start to register on Tuesday April 19th, using the form that’s available at the bottom of the course offerings page (use above link and scroll to the bottom of the page).

New in 2022: in addition to all our regular full-credit courses, we’re excited to be adding some shorter non-credit courses that may spark interest or support some earlier exposure to upcoming curriculum for students in both middle and secondary schools.

Online Learning

When flexibility is key, online learning can be a great solution for students in grades 10-12 or for adult learners. Available 24/7 throughout the school year, the media-rich, teacher-supported class options provide teens and adults the opportunity to learn at their own pace.

*Due to changes in the Learning Management System over the summer, only Career Life Education 10 and Career Life Connections 12 will be offered as summer online learning options. It is important to note that you will need to complete the course no later than July 30th, 2022.

Check out New West’s online learning options for more.

Adult Education through the summer

We should all aspire to be lifelong learners. So if you’re an adult who needs to complete or upgrade your high school education, a new Canadian who wants to work on your English language skills or maybe somebody just looking to expand your knowledge, we’d love to learn with you.

For course offerings to support adult learners, check out this this year’s course offerings and registration process here:

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