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Halloween considerations

Halloween can be a wonderful time of year for young people to explore creativity, play and share in a sense of celebration. And dressing up in costumes is a fun and joyful tradition for kids and staff alike.

It’s also a time when we’re a little more aware of what we need to do to keep each other safe, in all ways. And those safety considerations that parents, students and staff need to consider at school are:

  • Students in costume at school (when permitted) should be easily recognizable and/or be able to identify themselves to staff or other students when asked. No full-face masks permitted.
  • As per the guidance from Dr. Bonnie Henry, Provincial Health Officer, costume masks are NOT a suitable replacement for masks being used to protect each other from COVID-19.
  • No replica weapons (guns, knives, etc) are allowed on school property.
  • We celebrate diversity and inclusion in New Westminster schools. Costumes that are offensive or in poor taste are not permitted … when selecting a costume, please consider whether the costume violates rights or appropriates identity, based on rights maintained under the Canadian Human Rights Act: race, ethnicity, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, genetic characteristics, or disabilities.
  • School codes of conduct must always be followed. This means continuing to act in respectful ways to peers and staff, and maintaining good care of school property … vandalism is never acceptable and is a crime.
  • The possession or use of firecrackers or fireworks at school is strictly prohibited at all times.
  • Please refrain from sending any shared treats or candies to school with your child, to help maintain safe COVID-19 related protocols in place this year.

Each school will let you know how they’ve chosen to celebrate this year. Please follow up with your school’s Principal if you have more questions.

And, as you consider your other plans, here’s some great information and helpful tips from the BC Centre for Disease Control around Halloween this year:

Thank you for helping make sure Halloween continues to be a fun and safe opportunity for all staff and students.