UPDATE: Our April 2024 menu is now available for download!


Welcome to Fuel Up!

New Westminster Schools launched our ground-breaking school lunch program in February 2019 to ensure that no child in our district goes hungry in school. We’ve partnered with The Lunch Lady to let families order healthy, nutritious, and affordable lunches for their children on a daily, weekly, monthly, or occasional basis.

Our lunches align with the BC School Nutrition Guidelines and are available through online ordering.


Why join Fuel Up!?

  • Fuel Up! removes the need to pack school lunches every day. Save time and avoid stress!
  • Our food options are affordable and healthy.
  • Fuel Up! supports kids and families in our community and promotes eating a well-rounded diet with a variety of meal options.

Our catering partner’s menu is regularly updated and improved with parent and district feedback.

  • Menus rotate on a four-week cycle.
  • Each monthly school menu includes multiple options, including daily vegetarian and halal dishes.
  • Meal costs are $6.75 for regular size and $5.75 for little lunch size.


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Contact us

Please get in touch with us by email if:

  • Have questions about our menu (e.g. how to order, meal options, feedback on meals, etc.).
  • Have questions about the Fuel Up! program.