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Walk30 kick off with Lord Kelvin

On a gorgeous day in Moody Park, kids from Lord Kelvin Elementary put on their track shoes and got ready to walk into spring!

Each April, New Westminster and Burnaby participate in a friendly competition called Walk30, where each city’s residents try to compete for the title of “most minutes walked a day.” Upping the ante this year, Vancouver and North Vancouver have also joined the friendly competition, as Fraser Health and Vancouver Coastal Health are joining forces in their efforts to get people moving.

Schools and individuals from all municipalities are challenging themselves to walk more than 30 minutes a day, both to get active and to vy for the coveted trophy.

Lord Kelvin Elementary students and staff are regular leaders in the competition, with year over year results that have earned trophies and worn down their fair share of running shoes. And this year, they intend to do the same. Two teachers at the school – Stephanie Musgrove and Naimah Asad – are committed to going above and beyond with their classes, taking them out for walks every day, rain or shine!

On their initial walk of the year, Ms. Asad’s and Ms. Musgrove’s kids meandered alongside their teachers through Moody Park, paired up in buddies as they explored their neighbourhood. The theme of the day was bees, with each child keeping an eye out for food that the friendly pollinators might like. The kids chatted enthusiastically amongst themselves, brightening up with excitement each time they passed a flower.

They were in for quite a surprise when they arrived at their destination, as their teachers were actually taking them to explore the Mason Bee Hotel, an installation by the Mason Bee Company.

What are bee hotels? They are safe places for the insects to lay eggs. And, as Ms. Asad and Ms. Musgrove showed the kiddos how they work, as if on command, a few bees even made an appearance by flying into the bee hotels during the students’ lesson!

These walks are designed to double as fun lessons, and an opportunity to connect with nature … while also promoting the values of staying healthy. Teachers plan them in advance, with a variety of different routes to explore new areas across New West (including getting to try out new playgrounds!)

“There’s always something to see, and somewhere to go” Ms. Musgrove announced to the kiddos. “Sometimes there’s even somewhere to play!”

Walk30 will continue until May 14th, after which the winners will be announced. Walking and getting into nature has invaluable benefits for the students’ physical and mental health, but there’s added motivation in winning prizes from local businesses.

If you’d like to register yourself as an individual for the Walk30 Challenge, or register as part of a team, you can learn more here:

And, on that note, we wish you good luck New Westminster … with a little extra cheer going out to our enthusiastic team at Lord Kelvin Elementary (who may be walking a sidewalk near you soon)!