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Admiration for all we’ve achieved together

Dear students, parents, caregivers and staff,

As we bring another year of learning, connection and growth to an end, we want to extend our gratitude to everyone in our school communities.

To all students, thank you for sharing your passion with us and for continuing to adapt as we’ve worked together through this last year. From our youngest learners who have started to engage in learning through our StrongStart programs, to the more than 7000 students in our schools and specialized programs, through to those adult learners who eagerly filled classrooms at night … you have each put in the time and effort that will help carry you forward. Congratulations for all you have achieved this year!

And a special congratulations to all those students who are transitioning: the elementary students ready to step into middle school life, the middle schoolers stepping into the excitement of secondary learning, and to the NWSS, POWER, SIGMA, and online or adult learning grads who are heading off to the next stages. We’re so proud to have been part of your journey.

To the parents and caregivers, thank you for continuing to be partners in providing safe, supportive and engaging opportunities for all of us to learn, work and grow through.

And lastly, to the amazing staff who keep this district working and learning: we send our deep thanks for all you do. You have supported students’ educational needs and provided emotional supports in challenging times, you connected families into learning opportunities, and you were there to step in to support your colleagues when it was needed. So, thank you for all you do every day, as you also balance the other important parts of your lives at home.

We wrap this year with such admiration for all we have achieved together. Thank you.

The work will go on, benefiting from this strong foundation.

In fact, throughout the summer we’ll have many of our staff continuing to work, as they deliver on newly expanded summer learning options, our maintenance teams will be taking advantage of emptier schools, and we’ll be doing vital work to set us up for another great school year to come (and preparing for future ones that will follow).

In the meantime though, we wish you all a wonderful, relaxing summer. May it be filled with the things that bring you the most joy in life,

Gurveen Dhaliwal, Board Chair
and Karim Hachlaf, Superintendent of Schools


PDF: Thank you letter from Board Chair Gurveen Dhaliwal and Superintendent Karim Hachlaf