Supporting you, so you can help your kids with technology

We know the movement to increased use of online tools has changed the ways you need to help support your child in their learning. And for some, the technology can present a barrier – both in terms of access and in terms understanding how to use the devices or programs.

When it comes to access, we’ve worked hard to set up a system to loan our Chromebooks out to families who need a device to help support their child’s education, in this shift to remote or online learning.

On the use of the tools, we’ve set up this section of our website to help gather resources, to connect you with video guides our District’s facilitators have created, and to answer your frequently asked questions. Within this section you will find support on:

Please use the navigation or above links if you need support on one of these areas.


Frequently asked questions

I need help with Technology, who can I contact?
You should first check if there is a document or video that will help you on this website. If there’s not one:

  • please contact your child’s teacher, as they often help troubleshoot issues.
  • your next option is to ask your child’s school administration. They will most probably be able to help you with technology.
  • If none of these options have been able to help connect you with the solution or support you need, please email our online learning support at

I don’t know my child’s pupil number, where can I find it?
You can either find your child’s pupil number on MyEdBC (see this document), or you can contact your child’s teacher.

I need to borrow a Chromebook for online learning, who do I contact?
If your child is enrolled at one of our schools, please contact the Principal who can walk you through that process. They will be able to assist you to get a district Chromebook if you need one for online learning.

If your child is already enrolled in one of our Online Learning programs, please contact Prab Samra:

I don’t remember my password, what can I do?
Please first contact your classroom teacher, they will be able to assist you. If they’re not able to, contact your school administration or email

I keep getting kicked out of MS Teams and meetings. What can I do?
The main reasons why most get kicked out of MS Teams meetings are either a weak WIFI signal or not enough memory on your device.

If your WIFI signal is not strong, here are things to consider:

  • you could connect your device with an Ethernet cable directly to your modem, this can help considerably
  • can you physically move within your space to be closer to the modem?
  • if you have other people in the house using the internet, ask them to stop while you’re in a meeting (for example if you have a sibling playing video games, it will use a lot of the WIFI signal, or if there are others using their phones or other devices, it will also affect the signal quality)
  • you can try to connect to a meeting without using your camera

When it comes to the memory on your device, you can try to close all the other applications on your device while in a meeting or while using MS Teams.