Inclusive Education

The New Westminster School District strives to be an inclusive learning environment where all students are meaningfully engaged in all areas of school life. We are dedicated to promoting the core values of acceptance, belonging, and community that are the foundation of an inclusive learning environment. We embrace the notion that diversity is the norm, not the exception, and we strive to celebrate the gifts and talents that we believe all students possess. The District offers a continuum of support for students to maintain our commitment to ensuring equitable and meaningful educational experiences for all.

Support Services

The New Westminster School District provides a range of school-based and district-based staff who work with our students to meet their diverse learning needs. This support includes both direct and indirect support to staff and students, professional development, and resources.

Our Resource

Are you the parent or guardian of a child with diverse needs? You can access our Parent Guide to Inclusive Education either on our website (listed under Resources & linked here) for either the PDF download or the website version, which is reader and Google Translate friendly, here: