Program details

  • Students who live in Queensborough may sign up to ride in a dedicated bus service to and from school starting in January 2024 until June 2026.
  • The pilot program is specific to students whose home addresses are in Queensborough. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate ongoing and one-time courtesy rides for students who don’t live in the Queensborough community.
  • There is a monthly $30 per student charge for riders who qualify. The fee is collected through School Cash Online once eligibility is confirmed.


Program confirmation email sent to eligible families

Families who registered for the Queensborough pilot bus service and qualified for the program will have received an email confirming their child(ren)’s spots on the buses. Included is an info packet with bus schedules and other details. Please read the information carefully.


Questions and answers


Once we confirm your family's eligibility, you can pay the fees through School Cash Online.

The $30 monthly fee is charged evenly over the 10-month school year that includes breaks.

The monthly fee is $30, regardless of whether your child(ren) decide to ride one-way.

Please contact your school's principal for more information if your family cannot pay the monthly fee because of financial hardship.




You must re-register your child(ren) prior to the start of each school year. We will also issue new bus passes each year. We will send out bus registration notices in May.

Please email us to let us know as soon as possible.

If you do not cancel your registration, you may still get charged each month.

We will issue refunds for full months of unused time if your family paid in advance for future months.

Please email us to let us know before the first day of the month.

If you do not cancel your registration, you may still get charged each month.


Bus Assignments, Schedules, and Routes

Yes, siblings will be assigned to the same bus

Unfortunately, we cannot grant special rider requests outside of sibling arrangements.

Students must ride on their assigned bus.

This is because school districts are required by law to maintain accurate, up-to-date passenger lists on any given school bus for safety reasons. We assign students to specific buses for this purpose.

Unfortunately, our pick-up and drop-off times are set. If your child has an early morning or late afternoon activity, you should arrange alternate transportation.

We will send families advance notice of any changes to the regular bus schedules.

We will send a notice to the parent/guardian through SchoolMessenger if the bus is running more than 20 minutes late or if the bus is cancelled due to mechanical or weather-related causes.


Riding the Bus

Students who miss the bus are responsible for finding their own way to school or back home. Buses leave promptly at their scheduled times.


All riders must show a valid bus pass before boarding their assigned bus.

Please report lost bus passes to the school office immediately. A replacement pass is $10 per card.

Students who forget their pass will be allowed on the bus ride to school if they tell the bus driver their name. Students must then obtain a temporary pass from the school office that same day to show the driver on the ride home.


We cannot accommodate courtesy rides for non-eligible passengers due to co-ordination and logistical reasons. We must also know which students are riding on a bus at any given time for safety purposes.

We can only allow items (including musical instruments) that are small enough to sit comfortably on a student's lap. This is to ensure student safety as large items cannot be properly secured.