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English Language Learners (ELL)

Program Goals

The purpose of the ELL program is to assist students to develop the language skills and knowledge necessary for success in Canadian schools and society. ELL services are designed to strengthen the intellectual, social and career development of ELL students by helping them to:

  • improve their ability to communicate fluently in English at school and in the wider community.
  • acquire the English needed to make academic progress within the B.C. school system and realize their potential.
  • develop their other skills (e.g., numeracy, scientific understanding, group participation).
  • develop an understanding of the similarities and differences between their home culture and the Canadian culture.

Assessment and Placement

ELL students new to the district will be assessed by an ELL specialist and placed in an appropriate level of ELL to meet the students’ needs. Individual programs and teachers will also adapt their service to meet the needs of the ELL students in regular classes. ELL students already in the district will be assessed by an ELL specialist at various times throughout the year, and their ELL program will be adjusted and updated as the student progresses in their English language development.

Program Delivery

Schools provide various levels of ELL instruction to meet the developing needs of ELL students. The ELL programs in the district are designed to address both the communication and academic needs of ELL students from beginner levels to advanced levels. Teachers, as they help students to move through the levels, ensure that students will be able to cope with the demands of the next level. Students can participate in school activities, clubs and sports teams which greatly enhance their English language skills and build connections with Canadian culture.

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