Present and future enrollment in New Westminster Schools

Our schools are already operating beyond what the buildings and area standards can accommodate. If no additional steps are taken other than the expansion projects approved as of June 2023, we will be short 2,241 student spaces by 2037 according to projections prepared for our 2023 Long Range Facilities Plan.


This bar graph displays projected K-12 enrollment until 2037 vs. New Westminster Schools operating capacity if no additional expansions are implemented. There will be a shortfall of 2,241 student spaces in schools by 2037.
Projected K-12 at New Westminster Schools until 2037 vs. current school operating capacity without additional expansion (red line).


As of the 2023 school year, district schools are already over capacity by nearly 600 students spread across K-12 enrollment with the greatest pressure being felt in the Fraser River Community.


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