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Another exciting year: big learning, small moments, lasting memories

Dear students, parents and caregivers,

It’s the end of another exciting year here at New Westminster Schools. What’s been clear this year is that our return to more typical learning environments has renewed the energy in our schools, across every grade.

There’s been rich learning, and celebratory moments. Staff have created powerful lessons that have engaged kids of all ages, and other moments where students have inspired us all.

We’ve watched eager kindergarten students at Queen Elizabeth Elementary take on the “big buddy” role to younger kids enrolled in our new pilot Just B4 Preschool program. We’ve proudly watched the passionate (award winning) Glenbrook Middle School students who took their Climate Action ideas to the New Westminster City Council, successfully advocating for the concept of New Westminster becoming a 15-minute city. We’ve also taken moments to reflect and learn from our students through opportunities like the Student Symposium that was held in the Spring. Moreover, staff have engaged in thoughtful learning as we gathered for this year’s Indigenous Focused Professional Development Day.

Those were just a few of the big moments that happened at every school. But we know for most students, it’s the small moments in their classrooms and hallways that may be what linger. The moments when big concepts suddenly came alive in a lesson, the friend they connected with, the assist in a championship game, a performance to be proud of, or maybe the project that showcased a new passion.

Big or small, it’s a been a year full of exciting moments that will live on as important memories.

We hope this transitional period through the summer months offers you and your family time to relax and regenerate. We look forward to seeing you again in the fall.

Maya Russell, Board Chair
Karim Hachlaf, Superintendent of Schools / CEO

We also invite you to take a moment to view Minister Rachna Singh’s year end message to students, parents and caregivers:


PDF: Board Chair & Superintendent Year End Message to Students, Staff and Families