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Budget and Financial Reports

New Westminster Schools Budget & Audited Financial Statements

In addition to annual budgets and audited financial statements, please see below for the annual New Westminster Schools Statement of Financial Information (SOFI) reports. As well as the annual Carbon Neutral Reports starting with the 2015 report.

All School Districts’ Statements of Financial Information (SOFI) reports are located here.
All Public Sector Executive Compensation Disclosure Statements are located here.
All Carbon Neutral Reports are located here.

Fiscal Year 2021-2022

Fiscal Year 2020-2021

Fiscal Year 2019-2020

Long Range Facilities Plan

Fiscal Year 2018-2019

 Fiscal Year 2017-2018

Fiscal Year 2008-2009

Fiscal Year 2007-2008

Fiscal Year 2006-2007

Fiscal Year 2005-2006

Highlights at New Westminster School District 40

A tale of three (award winning) teachers

A tale of three (award winning) teachers

Celebrating the achievements, as recognized by three outside organizations, of some of the amazing teachers who work in New Westminster: Carmen Woo, Kristie Oxley and Barb Paul. more

Good things are happening 2019-2020

Good things are happening 2019-2020

It was a year full of successes, challenges and adaptation ... and the amazing things that were achieved last year have laid the foundation for this big year we're walking together in now. more

The FAQ’s on schools, COVID protocols and more

The FAQ’s on schools, COVID protocols and more

You have questions. Here are the answers. (And if you can't find it here, send us an email and we'll add to this page through the year.) more

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