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Registration in New Westminster Schools

New Westminster Schools welcomes students to our district. We offer 8 elementary schools, 3 middle schools, 1 secondary school, and alternate, online, home learning and adult education programs … all delivering a wide range of programs, opportunities and pathways to enrich our students.

To register for the 2020/2021 school year, 
Please use the Intent to Register form (listed below) to start the process and someone will call you back, or you can call our Registration Team to set up an appointment to come in and get your child connected to the right school.

To register for the 2021/2022
The regular registration* process for the school year beginning in September 2021 will be open from Monday January 11 to Friday March 12.

*You do not need to either register or apply again to a program if your child is already enrolled in the school and/or program you’d like them to stay in. 

All applications received after March 12th will be placed at a school within the District, as space permits. Efforts will be made to place your child in the appropriate catchment school, but where full schools or individual grades may be at capacity, placement at an alternative school may be required.

New Westminster Schools has now moved to a centralized registration process that will operate out of the new Welcome Centre, located at the brand new New Westminster Secondary School: 820 Sixth Street, New Westminster.

The new registration process (with new COVID-19 protocols in place) will include:

  1. Parents must complete the intent to register online form: https://newwestschools.ca/intent-to-register/ 
  2. The Registration Team will phone you to walk through the requirements and determine whether:
    • You have access to printers and are comfortable enough with the process to complete your application, so that you can use the contactless drop system in the new Welcome Centre 
    • or whether you require an appointment to come into the Welcome Centre for more assistance.

Please note: due to COVID-19 protocols, no drop-in appointments are available.

If you have challenges accessing the form, or have other questions, please call the Registration Team at 604.517.6200 or email registrations@sd40.bc.ca.

In order to complete your registration, you will need to complete the following form: Registration form and provide some combination of the documents listed in the new document guide for parents & caregivers.

Programs of Choice

To register for Programs of Choice (Early French Immersion, Kindergarten and Grade 1; Late French Immersion; Montessori, Kindergarten and Grade 1):

  1. First register your child, as per the instructions above
  2. Online applications opened January 18th at 9am, and will stay open through to February 12th at 4pm. (Placement as below, not first-come-first-serve.)

Priority placement is given to those with sibling status (defined by AP 220). All other applicants will be placed in a randomized draw, held on Monday March 1, 2021.

New Westminster Schools offers multiple Programs of Choice. To learn more about what they are, please click here: https://newwestschools.ca/programs-services/programs-of-choice/overview/

Any families who will be new to the District in September of 2021, and are interested in having their Grade 2 or older students enrolled in a Program of Choice will be asked to submit the same form.

Parent information nights were held via MS Teams in early January. Links to the recorded sessions are below:

For questions on Programs of Choice, please email programsofchoice@sd40.bc.ca

Home Learners Program

The Home Learners Program (HLP) is a hybrid model of learning offered by New Westminster Schools … a Distributed Learning program that combines face-to-face and home learning, where our BC certified teachers are supporting parents and students in developing their own learning path.

You can find out more about the program in the Programs of Choice section of our website.

To express your interest and start the process of determining if the Home Learners Program is the right fit for your family, start by filling in the Show of Interest form here (opens at 9am on January 18th): https://newwestschools.ca/home-learners-program-show-of-interest-form/

For more information on other types of registration, please use the below drop down options:

To apply for out-of-catchment placements for the 2021/22 school year, please use this link: https://newwestschools.ca/out-of-catchment-application/   *The window for out-of-catchment applications will be open from 9am on January 11th to 4pm on February 12th, 2021. Applications submitted after 4pm on February 12th will be time-stamped and placed after families who have applied within the regular application window. Catchment Area Child – means a person of school age, and resident in the catchment area of the school. Out-of-Catchment Area Child – means a person of school age, and a resident in the school district and non-resident in the catchment area of the school. Out-of-Catchment Transfer – means a school-age student or child applying to attend a school other than the catchment school, by request.
To apply for out-of-district placement for the 2021/22 school year, please use this link: https://newwestschools.ca/out-of-district-application/ *The window for out-of-district applications will be open from 9am on January 11th to 4pm on February 12th, 2021. Applications submitted after 4pm on February 12th will be time-stamped and placed after families who have applied within the regular application window.
A student who is in New Westminster accompanied by a parent/legal guardian who meets the criteria may be eligible for provincial funding. The parent/legal guardian can request a New Westminster tuition fee waiver. It is the responsibility of the parent/legal guardian to demonstrate meeting funding eligibility requirements every year or fees may lawfully be charged for the student to attend school.

At New Westminster Schools we’re proud of the fact that we were the first district in BC to introduce a Sanctuary Schools Policy … providing access for all by ensuring that a New Westminster family’s immigration status does not affect their child’s ability to access safe and welcoming educational opportunities. Find out more here: https://newwestschools.ca/about-us/safe-and-caring-schools/access-for-all-sanctuary-schools-policy/

Detailed information regarding student registration is outlined in Administrative Procedure 300 – Student Registration, Enrollment and Placement.


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