When it comes to diverse needs, it’s safe to say that we envision a world where everyone – regardless of their physical, cognitive, sensory, or emotional abilities – can thrive, contribute, and be celebrated for their unique gifts and talents. But we know that doesn’t always happen. Sometimes it can be easy to see and understand the diverse needs someone might have, but there are other times it can be hard to either see or understand. 

We are dedicated to breaking down barriers and fostering a community where everyone can participate fully and authentically. On this page you will find resources tools, and guides to support individuals, families, and communities in embracing and understanding diverse abilities. Here you will find Narratives from individuals with diverse abilities and their journeys of triumph, resilience, and achievement.

Together, we can change the narrative surrounding diverse abilities from one of limitation to one of boundless potential.

We are all different and that is Awesome By Cole Blakeway

Read aloud resources

Other resources

We’ve also included some more novels and stories to better educate yourself and your family about the history, culture, and issues facing people with diverse needs … or options that can help introduce more diversity to your home reading. You can access these books through your local community or school library, or possibly at local bookstores.

Elementary and Middle resources

  Title Author Age range
Fast FriendsHeather M. O’ConnerElementary
Roll With ItJamie SumnerMiddle
I FunnyJames Patterson
Chris Grabenstein
The Many Mysteries Of The Finkel FamilySarah KapitMiddle

Secondary and Mature resources

  Title Author Age range
Demystifying Disability:
What to know, What to say, and How to be an Ally?
Emily LadauMature
Disability Visibility:
First Person Stories from the Twenty First Century
Alice WongMature
Disability: The BasicsTom ShakespeareMature

Do you have a child with a diverse need? Trying to understand what supports are available in schools and how our Inclusive Education team might be able to help? You can read our Parent Guide to Inclusive Education, on our website.

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