International Education & District Newcomer Centre

At New Westminster Schools we celebrate the culturally rich diversity of our community. And the International students and newcomer families who join us only contribute and build on that strength … both in what that experience can mean to them as well as the value and perspectives they help bring to our wider community. We’re deeply committed to creating welcoming, supportive and engaging opportunities for new students and families.


Objectives Key Results
Objective 1: Students will be engaged and supported in their education programs to successfully reach their personal learning goals.
  • Each quarter, provide students with available options for personalized flexible scheduling (F2F, online, remote & hybrid) that meets their needs, interests and comfort levels.
  • Connect with students regularly – in person, by phone and by email – to ensure they are engaged and doing well.
Objective 2: Students will be able to access a variety of district and community supports to ensure their focus is on learning and self-improvement.
  • Communicate available district supports and resources for safe and healthy experiences (access to counsellors, wellness, healthy living, access to medical services).
    • Newsletter, website, direct email, social media.


Objectives Key Results
Objective 1: Parents will have knowledge of available resources and information to facilitate the day-to-day support of their child.
  • Build traffic to the website and increase followers on social medial platforms where information is posted.
  • Investigate other possible platforms accessed by parent community (FB, etc.
Objective 2: Parents and guardians will have confidence in timely and secure financial transactions.
  • Continue to move payments Online or EFT to minimize environmental impact and human resources.


Objectives Key Results
Objective 1: IE/Newcomer staff will be committed to learning through team and individual professional development.
  • IE/Newcomer staff will stay current by regularly accessing information from partner groups (e.g. IRCC, school sites, Parks&Rec.)
  • Increase profile of new Newcomer Centre.
  • IE/Newcomer staff will continue develop personal professional development plans and share departmental responsibilities.
Objective 2: The IE/Newcomer staff will maintain excellent customer service standards both domestically and internationally.
  • Provide language and cultural support to stakeholders – schools, SWIS, administrators, education agencies, exchange programs, clubs, etc.


Objectives Key Results
Objective 1: Student-community involvement will be encouraged through local activities, volunteering, and use of community facilities.
  • Canvas the community for volunteer opportunities for students as a way of immersing them in the community.
Objective 2: Program stakeholders including homestay families and event agents will have the opportunity to participate in and enhance their knowledge of district programs and services.
  • Communicate with our international community to raise the profile of New Westminster Schools abroad through direct marketing and social media.
  • Build traffic to the website and followers on Twitter and other social media platforms.
Objective 3: Staff will partner with post secondary institutions to provide international students with after-graduation planning and information.
  • Plan and host virtual international post-secondary info sessions through the fall.