Learning Team

The objectives and key results is all about how we set goals, make plans to deliver on them and then measure our success … so we can do an even better job of helping our students thrive emotionally, socially and academically.

DISTRICT GOAL: Students Will Thrive Emotionally, Socially and Academically

Objectives Key Results
Objective 1:

Students will improve literacy and numeracy skills.

Key Results 1:

1.1 Increase current and three-year trend for the number and percentage of students in grade 4 and 7 who are proficient or extending in literacy and numeracy expectations.

1.2 Increase current and three-year trend for the number and percentage of students who are proficient or extending in the Grade 10 Graduation Literacy and Numeracy Assessments.


  1. Provide Principals with report card data (literacy and numeracy) at each term
  2. Engage DLT in trend analysis and intervention planning
  3. Develop New Westminster Literacy Framework representative of all learners (guiding inclusive education supports and classroom literacy programs)


  1. Develop New Westminster Numeracy Framework
  2. Conduct an analysis of FSA and Numeracy Assessment results and identify potential gaps
Objective 2:

Continuity of learning will be maintained through supportive transitions.

Key Results 2:

2.1 Improve student transitions into Elementary, Middle and Secondary schools

  1. Update District Transition Guide in light of the pandemic
  2. Focus DLT session on successful transitions
  3. Develop a transition plan for NWSS

2.2 Increase number and percentage of students who graduate within five years of starting grade eight.

2.3 Increase number and percentage of students transitioning to Canadian post-secondary institutions within one to three years

Objective 3:

Wellness supports for students and staff will be improved.

Key Results 3:

3.1 Develop a comprehensive social-emotional learning and mental health strategy for staff and students

3.2 Develop a comprehensive physical literacy strategy for staff and students

3.3 Increase number and percentage of students who feel welcome, safe, and have a sense of belonging in school

3.4 Increase number and percentage of students who feel there are two or more adults at their school who care about them

3.5 Provide increased childcare opportunities in school district facilities

3.6 Develop a district-wide plan to address food security and healthy eating

Objective 4:

Develop instructional practices to support teaching and learning in a variety of methods and increase learning options available to students.

Key Result 4:

4.1 Develop a robust K-8 Online Learning Program

4.2 Implement an online presence for all teachers to support face-to-face and blended learning

4.3 Support transitions between face-to-face and online learning options

4.4 Investigate long-term blended learning options

4.5 Consider alternate scheduling options for middle and secondary students

Objective 5:

Support effective technology use to enhance teaching and learning


Key Result 5:

4.1 Increase student, staff, and parent/caregiver comfort and proficiency with technology tools for learning (Microsoft Office 365) through professional development, and access to support

  1. How to documentation for Office 365
  2. Create a structure for levels of support with the use of technology tools (email, telephone support)

4.2 Ensure staff and students are knowledgeable about digital citizenship, privacy and security protocols.

  1. Deliver professional development in the use of Office 365 tools to staff and families
  2. Provide staff with resources to support learning in the area of digital citizenship
  3. Communicate clearly with staff the approved digital educational resources
  4. Support staff in making necessary transitions to adopt approved resources

DISTRICT GOAL: Ensuring Inclusive Practices

Objectives Key Results
Objective 1:

Improve the delivery of Inclusive Practices and Programs

Key Results 1:

1.1 Increase understanding of the current state of inclusive practices in the school district through the publication of the Inclusive Education Review

1.2 Publish a multiyear action plan for the implementation of the recommendations from the Inclusive Education Review

1.3 Develop a detailed Phase 1 Action Plan for 2020/21 school year

  1. Align professional development opportunities to Phase 1 Action Plan
  2. Ensure professional development is inclusive of school based structures that aim to improve student support
  3. Provide all staff and families have easy access to inclusive education policies and procedures
  4. Work in collaboration with community partners to enhance inclusive practices
Objective 2:

Ensure that the District’s commitment to Truth and Reconciliation and equity are reflected in all practices

Key Result 2:

2.1 Engage in recruitment process for leadership position in this area

2.2 Complete Equity Scan process and create subsequent action plan

2.3 Review the Child and Youth Liaison Officer program in the school district through consultation with students, staff and families and provide recommendations moving forward

2.4 Engage school communities in consultation to learn about experiences with racism and discrimination in our community

2.5 Review school district policies and procedures currently in place to support equity and identify areas requiring improvement

DISTRICT GOAL: Communication and Connection

Objectives Key Results
Objective 1:

Families will have opportunities to connect to their children’s experiences at school and receive regular progress updates

Key Results 1:

1.1 Families will have a culturally safe and accessible location to receive support with registration and settlement through the creation of a district Welcome Centre

1.2 Provide parents with timely and specific information about their child’s learning through effective online platforms

1.3 Increase parent participation in conversations about student progress

1.4 Increase opportunities for parents to learn about district programs of choice and career and post-secondary opportunities